"People who are sober or inebriate have rights. Do not spit on someone who is inebriated, or bully them or threaten them, or beat them, or kick them, or shove them, or grab them, or brand them, or kidnap them or HARM THEM IN ANY WAY. Doing so violates their human right and civil right. They may file civil and/or civil charges against you."

The Commission:
1. Recognizes that alcoholism is a disease
2. Strongly recommends that you contact the appropriate authority when dealing with an inebriated person.
3. Strongly recommends that you wait until the appropriate authority arrives when dealing with an inebriated person.

As an owner of a restaurant or store, you may be held liable. It is best to call the appropriate authority and wait until the authorized official arrives.

Each person has the responsibility to show a level of care to their fellow citizens.

Call the local police & remain a witness.