"Creating partnerships with border towns is a critical component to end racist attitudes, values and beliefs. This helps to promote education and awareness of racism and it sends a strong message to the general public that racism will not be tolerated. The Commission developed a standard Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to assist the Office with strengthening communication and coordinating services that promotes healthy, positive community relations with all people visiting, residing or doing business in border towns. Ideally, the MOA will assist in setting standards for healthy, positive community relations dealing with cultural diversity, fairness, integrity and respect to all peoples. It is through these types of agreements the Commission determines as the most effective and acceptable manner for addressing race relations."

"Typically, after a MOU has been signed with the City, NNHRC works with established community group(s) if one exists. NNHRC works to gain their local perspective and their no cost recommendations to improve race relations; NNHRC also stresses a set timeline in receiving a group(s) recommendation."

Source: NNHRCs Assessing Race Relations Public Hearing Report

Prior to the Navajo Nation government reform, a non-binding agreement was referenced as a "memorandum of agreement." Since the reform, a non-binding agreement is a "memorandum of understanding." So prior to reform and since reform, the Memorandums with City governments to improve race relations with NNHRC are non-binding.

Memorandum of Agreements/Understanding: